Creative Solutions For Your Data Needs.

Web Scraping

Crawling the web to gather the data you need to move your project or business forward.


Creating visualizations with your data that communicate valuable insights and help drive business.


Compiling the data, cleaning it up, and ultimately developing a strategy to make sense of the data.

Why Web Scraping?

Price Comparison

Monitor the ever-changing pricing strategies of your competitors over many websites as often as you want.

Brand Monitoring

Find out what people are saying about your brand and stay ahead of the curve. Manage your reputation.

Market Analysis

Gather all of the data you need from multiple sources to learn about industry trends and gain insights about your customers and competitors.

Data Analytics

Quickly extract and analyze your data from a variety of sources to conduct real-time analysis and make predictions.

Natural Language Processing

Make sense of all of the social media comments, tweets, etc. that people are making about your company.

Lead Generation

Find outbound leads from a variety of sources, at a lower cost and in less time.


Everything is driven by data these days. The data needed to put your new idea or product in action is out there.

Financial Data

Gather financial statements and other data to determine the status of a company and make investment decisions.

Sentiment Analysis

Figure out how your customers are feeling based on data from social media, blogs, and other web publications.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Christina. I'm a software developer who specializes in web scraping and data analysis. I can help you with all of your data needs including data collection, data wrangling/munging/cleaning, and preparing it for any analysis in your project.

Please check out one of my other projects - What's Wrong With My Building? - a website analyzing and making accessible data related to buildings in NYC.