Christina Levengood

  • Python Developer
  • Data Visualization Consultant

Data Visualization

Creating static and interative visualizations to tell the whole story with your data.

D3 Development

I've worked with D3.js versions 3-5 to create many types of visualizations including network graphs with force layouts.


An infographic can help you say a lot about your data in a small amount of space.


Animations can help your audience see how your data changes and understand it better. They can also be very interesting and engaging!

Fires in NYC
Fires in NYC
Fires in NYC
Coffee in NYC
Attacks on electric grid map USA
NYC traffic complaints chart


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Web Scraping

Extracting data from websites and APIs to compile a dataset that will drive your projects forward.

API Integration

Collecting data from APIs such as Twitter, Google, open data sources, or from any other source that you might be using.

Web Scraping

Web scraping using proxy IP rotation and other techniques to seamlessly collect data from websites.

Python Tools

Picking the best tool for the job. I work with Requests, BeautifulSoup, Selenium, Scrapy, and several others, depending on the project needs.

Python Development

I'm an enthusiastic Python developer who can help you with data science and web development related projects.

API Design

Designing RESTful APIs using best practices, to serve as an interface between your data and users who are consuming it.

Data Cleaning

Cleaning and transforming your data with tools such as Pandas and NumPy, as well as packages such as Scikit-learn and SciPy.

Web Development

Flask and Django are my main frameworks. I built this website using Django and the Wagtail content management system.


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Data Strategy Consultant

Hi, I'm Christina

I'm a software developer who specializes in data collection and analysis, as well as data communication through data visualization.

I will help you dig in to get the most value from your data, and then effectively communicate these findings to the right audience.

Write me a note with some background on your project, and I look forward to getting in touch!